About Us

Major Step is a non-profit, non-stock corporation, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO).

The Incorporators:

• Oscar P. Chan — CEO of San Jose KCM, opc.
   Mobile number: +63 921 304 3663

• John Michael Q. Chan — Marketing Manager of San Jose KCM, opc. Also proprietor of John-Sheil Store.
   Mobile number: +63 917 805 7552

• Edgardo C. Victorio — Chief Operating Officer of San Jose KCM, opc.
   Mobile number: +63 995 932 0742

• Joselito P. Padlan — IT officer of San Jose KCM, opc.
   Mobile number: +63 975 989 3518

• Jose D. Velez Jr. — Proprietor of J.D. Velez Jr., Architect
Design and Management Services. Also consultant to San Jose KCM, opc.
  Mobile number: +63 927 830 9748



God, our Father has two missions:

  1. To help us be saved and thus earn the gift of life in eternity.
  2. To change our world for the better, where there is justice, love and peace, by way of non-violence.


The mission of MAJOR STEP is to contribute to that two missions of God our Father by way of two major programs for each member company.

  1. Weekly spiritual program for all employees in the workplace during working hours.
  2. Profit sharing to employees based on the Rerum Novarum principle, “Each needs the other: Capital cannot do without employees, nor employees without capital.”


How long have you been practicing these two programs?
     -Since 1987, 34 years.

When was Major Step founded?
     -March 2021.

Office Address:
      Major Step Movement
      San Jose KCM compound
      PTC, Carmona, Cavite