Members as of July 2021
  1. Oscar Chan
  2. Mobile number: +63 921 304 3663
          – San Jose KCM – 65 employees
          – San Jose Ice Plant – 6 employees
  3. Mike Chan
  4. Mobile number: +63 917 805 7552
          – John-Sheil Store — 2 employees
  5. Arch. Jun Velez
  6. Mobile number: +63 927 830 9748
          – J.D. Velez Jr., Architect
             Design and Management Services – 2 to 30 employees

Who can join this movement?
    – All business owners who have employees. It is a non-denominational organization, open to all religious beliefs.

How can I become a member?
    – Fill up the membership form below and submit it to us. You will also need to attend an orientation meeting.

How much is Membership fee?
    – There is no membership fee nor annual dues.

What sort of activities do you have?
    – We have a regular meeting every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 via Zoom online.

How many members are allowed per organization?
    – Maximum of 3, the owner plus two key officers.

If I want to become a member, what assistance can I expect from Major step?
    – We will make ourselves available for consultation. Also in our regular Thursday meeting, you can ask questions.

Membership Form

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